Epoxy-Hygenic Coating

  1. Clearseal

Clear Seal Water-Base is an odorless, non-flammable sealer that provides a crystal clear finish. It is the ideal sealer choice for indoor applications, and can be used to seal and protect any Increte Systems surface as well as all other masonry surfaces.
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2. Walgard WB

It forms a very smooth and hard film.
Good resistance to microbes- Due to incorporation of broad spectrum of fungicide, It resists growth of microbes.
Good resistance to water and cleaning chemicals.
Unmatched rich and lustrous finish.
As it is waterborne it is environment and user friendly.
Elastomeric Film keeps the cracks in the walls covered.
Meets USDA/FDA/CIFA Requirements for Indirect food contact
Very high stain resistance.
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3. Florgard SL

Hygienic : It provides a jointless flooring making it dust free and is easy to clean because of smooth surface.
Chemical Resistant : It has excellent chemical resistance to most chemicals
Wear Resistant : It provides a tough floor topping to withstand foot and light vehicular traffic.
Aesthetics : It is available in various colour shades to provide attractive floor finish.
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4. PU
Polyurethane based roller applied coating for areas exposed to sunlight.Excellent mechanical properties
Excellent crack bridging property
Outstanding life expectancy and performance
Good chemical resistance
Very high abrasion and impact resistance
Excellent flexibility and tensile property
Finds applications in chemical and fertilizer processing and storage areas, servicing and assembly areas.
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